13 Easy Green Hacks That Save Money Today

A clean and green workplace

How to make your business profitable? Start spending less and earning more. This is the old rule that never goes out of fashion. Nowadays, is has been supplemented with one more thing: going green.

The thing is: we only have one planet and if we do not take care of it, nobody else will.

This should be a reason enough for all businesses to introduce some environmentally friendly practices in their everyday routines.

However, if the survival of the planet is not a good reason enough, there is another one: a lot of the green initiatives will actually save your business money.

1. Outsource All Washing

Buying all those work uniforms and floor mats means that you need to wash them and maintain them all the time. Instead of having your employees spend time, money, and energy for those chores, contact Alsco and let us do this for you.

Companies like Alsco rent uniforms and floor mats and wash them for you. We have the best possible way of doing it, which involves using the least aggressive chemicals and making the least possible impact on the surroundings.

Moreover, you can pay them through a monthly fee. It’s eco-friendly and it saves you money. Excellent business move.

2. Replace Paper with Emails

Use paper for your correspondence only when it is absolutely necessary. In all other cases, simply use emails.

You will save paper and you will save trees. For the same reason, constantly update the mailing lists for all those things that have to be sent out in paper. You do not want to be wasting paper if it goes to the non-existing address.

Naturally, this greatly reduces your monthly costs of office supplies.

3. Alternative Power Sources

Solar panels, wind turbines, and other alternative sources can be used for offices, as well. While they can be an investment at first, you probably can get some affordable loans for environmentally friendly initiatives like this.

Solar panel found at the roof top

Photo Courtesy from: Pixabay Image by cverkest

Your alternative power sources may not be able to gather up enough energy to operate heavy machinery, but all the lights, computers, water coolers and similar appliances can be powered up by your solar panels.

Your own power sources mean reduced power bills. Just like that, you can start saving up your money. Moreover, some of the companies offer to buy the excess of your power.

4. Air Purifying Plants

These amazing plants will not only look good in your office. Their benefits are numerous. Good and durable air purifying plants do the following:

  • Reduce noise levels – increases employee focus and productivity
  • Absorb different pollutants – reduces the number of sick days and increases employee wellbeing
  • Regulate the room temperature – reduces the need for AC which reduces the power bill
Employees walking inside the office

Photo courtesy from Freepik Image by Katemangostar

5. Figure Out Paid Recycling Opportunities

There are certain companies in Thailand that buy off plastic bottles and sell it in China to their textile manufacturers.

Also, you can find paid recycling opportunities for cardboard and other similar materials. Invite your coworkers to separate their trash and opt for paid recycling opportunities.

You can save that money or you can use it to fund office parties or similar activities. Either way, you have something to gain by going green in this way.

6. Hire a Handyman

Hire a part-time handyman to fix all the stuff that breaks down around your office, rather than always buying new things.

Hire a handyman for lower payment cost

Photo Courtesy from: Wiki Media Commons Image by Super City One

You do not need a handyman every day, but a couple of days a week can make all the difference. You will save up on chairs, desks, washroom equipment and all sorts of different stuff.

Your handyman’s salary will be a much lower cost for your company than a regular change of your office furniture or the costs of fixing the damage a leaking roof made.

7. Use Smart Printing Software

Paper-saving, smart printing software is something every office should have. It calculates how much paper you really need to print something out and it does not allow those blank pages with only one line on them.

It may not seem like a lot, but when you finish your month realising that you still have some paper left, you will be glad you used it.

8. Stock Reusable Office Supplies

There are some of the office supplies that can be used again. The back of the wrongly printed paper can be used instead of the post it notes.

Person working on his keyboard

Photo courtesy from Freepik Image by Peoplecreations

Refilled pens can be used several times until they finally break down. Saving them reduces the amount of plastic in the landfills.

Printer cartridges can be refilled at times. Also, some companies offer one full cartridge for three empty ones.

9. 2-Minute Rule

Every environmentally conscious business owner knows that their business needs eco-friendly light bulbs that save energy.

Also, they need to introduce the 2-minute rule when it comes to light and other appliances: if nobody is going to be in the office for more than 2-minutes, lights and appliances need to be turned off.

10. Natural Light

2-minute rule, light sensors and alternative energy are all great ways to reduce power consumption. However, there is nothing better than figuring out a way to stop consuming it in the first place.

Utilizing natural light and green plants office

Photo Courtesy from: Flickr Image by Kelly Cookson

If you have enough natural light in your offices, your light bulbs can take a rest. Make sure that you uncover those windows as much as you can and install really big and bright ones.

11. Second-hand and Power Saving Machines

When purchasing machines and appliances always look for the mark that says it is an environmentally friendly product.

Moreover, replace your old machines only when they are not operational anymore. Some second-hand choices will work out for you just as well as the new machines. You will save money on them and reduce consumerist habits.

12. Buy Everything in Bulk

Things bought in bulk are cheaper. If you do business with a company that sells you products in bulk every time, you will soon be entitled to some sort of discounts.

Bulk buying saves money, but it also saves the environment. It is much easier to coordinate the usage of paper, pens, toilet paper, cleaning products and the like if you know that they are bought for a certain period and you need to meet the end of it.

This teaches people to save. In other words, you save money with this eco-friendly practice.

13. Do Business with Other Eco-Friendly Businesses

Popularising eco-friendly businesses and practices is a good thing to do both financially and morally.

Just like having a common interest brings people together, gathering around the green idea brings businesses together.

This means that many doors for future collaboration will be opened to you and you will also save a lot of money by choosing green businesses since their services are reasonable and have minimal impact on the environment.

Alsco tries their best to introduce the rental service programs to all businesses that use floor mats or uniforms. By renting Alsco products you save money and you are reducing your costs as well as the environmental impact.

To get started, simply call our friendly customer service representatives on +66 (0) 2755-3380 or complete the online enquiry form.

Photo Courtesy from Freepik Image by Peoplecreations

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