Pharmaceutical Garments

Friendly customer service by Alsco ThailandAlsco’s professionally-designed Pharmaceutical workwear contributes to a professional, hygienic image for your business while meeting the necessary health and safety standards of your industry.

Our flexible range of pharmaceutical workwear…

  • Can be tailored to boost your team’s morale and your company’s appearance
  • Come in a variety of styles and fits, including women-friendly designs
  • Is colour-coded and designed minimally for a safe, secure workplace
  • Sourced from the finest fabric manufacturers

Alsco’s Smart Managed Garment System

With Alsco’s Managed Uniform Rental Service, we don’t just clean your garments. Using a high-tech barcode system developed over years, we track each delivery individually. This includes locations, last pickup dates, number of washes, and much more.

With this Managed Garment System, we deliver your uniforms quickly and accurately. But it also means we can adjust to fit your business easily– and know exactly what uniforms need replacing and when simultaneously. Because a hassle-free experience for you is always our top priority.

Exporting Overseas? Partner With Alsco

thailand-export-mapTo meet export requirements you must also meet HACCP and Best Practice standards. Your business is pharmaceuticals: But a high-quality laundering service…that’s been Alsco’s business for over 100 years.

Alsco offers a wide range of cleanroom garments with quality construction and the ultimate defense in particle control, fluid resistance, bacteria filtration and electrostatic dissipation (ESD) for a variety of departments and businesses, including: semiconductor, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, life sciences, medical device, aerospace, food processing and other aligned businesses.

Alsco are regularly audited against best practice standards. You can focus on your business and we’ll take care of the rest.

Super-fast, Accurate Cleaning & Delivery. Every Time.

While meeting the relevant health and safety expectations, our range features ultra-modern fabrics and designs that are comfortable, protective and long-lasting.

  • Polyester/cotton blends that combine the comfort of cotton with the stain resistance and toughness of polyester, creating a light-weight, acid-resistant fabric that’ll last for longer.
  • Internal pockets, cuffed sleeves, and no external buttons to minimize contamination and/or accidents.
  • A static dispersant coat designed for a cleanroom environment. Lint-resistant.
  • Colour-coded workwear to minimise cross-contamination in your laboratory or workplace.

Don’t See Styles You Like? Just Ask – We Have Hundreds!

Images are for illustration purposes only. Varying styles and colours available.

Alsco Pharmaceutical Under Garment Top

Under Garment Top
Available in both 100% polyester and 65% polyester / 35 Cotton. Overlocked seams. XXSM – 5XL

Alsco Pharmaceutical Under Garment Pant

Under Garment Pant
Available in both 100% polyester and 65% polyester / 35 Cotton. Elasticised waistline. Overlocked seams. XXSM – 6XL

Alsco Pharmaceutical Overall

100% Polyester ESD Overalls with Carbon filament stripe, elasticized cuffs. With hood or without hood. Zip. Mandarin collar.

Alsco Pharmaceutical Lab Coat

Lab Coat
100% polyester Micron fabric or Carbon filament stripe (ESD). Elasticized cuffs. Mandarin collar.

Alsco Pharmaceutical Open Face Hood

Open Face Hood
Adjustable stainless steel clip closure under the chin and on the back of the hood. Skirt extends over the shoulders. Suitable to wear when dealing with cytotoxic drugs. Double needle stitched seams.

Alsco Pharmaceutical Overshoes

Overshoe Booties
Suitable to wear when dealing with cytotoxic drugs (UltraShield only). Aussie Tough sole. Overlocked seams. XSM – 2XL

Avoid Costly Contamination Issues

Alsco’s contamination integrity programme begins right at your facility’s location and extends throughout all our handling, laundering, and finishing to safely deliver hygienically clean garments back to you.

Upon pickup, soiled clothing is carefully sorted by material, color, and soil level and hygienically laundered via scientifically developed, microprocessor-controlled washing processes and high temperature drying and finishing cycles.

Poly-bag deliveries further safeguards workwear from costly contamination when it arrives back in your facility.

Book Your Alsco Plant Tour

Customers are welcome, and in fact encouraged, to book a tour of our general warehouse facilities and/or clean packing room. All pharmaceutical, food processing and cleanroom garments are processed through a clean packing room.

The below photos are from our Australian cleanroom facilities and are evidence of our commitment to providing high quality laundering services throughout Australasia.

alscothailand-cleanroom-2  alscothailand-cleanroom-3  alscothailand-cleanroom-1

Garment Inspection & Repairs, Every Time.

Alsco inspects each garment that is returned for processing. Any garment requiring a repair will be assessed to your standards and in consultation with you will affect the necessary repairs.

At Alsco we understand the critical nature of cleanroom manufacture and will ensure that your personnel, products and environments are not compromised.

Why Buy When You Can Rent?

Alsco Career Service Quality SealWith Alsco’s Managed Uniform Rental Service, we don’t just wash and return your garments. Using a sophisticated barcode system developed over years, we track every delivery. This includes locations, last pickup dates, number of washes, and much more.

Alsco’s delivery is hyper-fast and accurate. But it also means we can tweak our services to fit your business with ease – and know exactly what uniforms need replacing and when.

Because a convenient experience for you is at the top of our minds – always.

  • No capital outlay required. Preserve your cashflow.
  • Regular, agreed delivery schedules.
  • Items cleaned, sanitised and repaired.
  • Includes inventory management system.

To get started, simply telephone our friendly customer service representatives on 2755 3380 or complete the online enquiry form.

How Alsco's Managed Rental Program Works

Alsco’s Managed Rental Service is the cost-effective alternative to buying. We eliminate the need for large cash purchases and keeping your equipment maintained and up-to-date. Starting from just $1 a day, you’ll benefit from regular delivery schedules, free replacements, and emergency, on-demand servicing.


You'll be assign an agreed amount of garments.

Small Shirts

For example:

  • 5 Garments for each day of the week
  • 5 Garments being cleaned each week
  • 10 Garments in total


Alsco will collect your soiled garments. At the same time we'll return your freshly laundered and repaired garments as per the agreed scheduled.


Laundry Bag

This week 5 dirty garments
are sent to be cleaned...


Delivery Truck

...and clean 5 garments
are delivered.