About Alsco

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At Alsco we understand the importance of serving our customers well.

Alsco are proud to be the the first provider of managed rental garments in Thailand. That is, providing convenient, cost-effective rental services to businesses like yourself.

History of Global Service

In 1889, Alsco was founded on the ever-growing, ever-changing American frontier in Lincoln, Nebraska.

From the merchants, restaurants and factory owners of the 20th century to the local businesses of the 21st century, Alsco is currently providing a peerless managed rental service to satisfied customers in Thailand. That’s our legacy.

At Alsco, we’ve come a long way since those early days. But we’ve always been driven by a few important things.

From commercial garments to floorcare solutions, we believe you shouldn’t have to worry about juggling dozens of services. And you certainly shouldn’t have to pay crippling fees, either.

We emphasize on being customer-centric as the only driving force towards our goal to provide every working individual with world-class service in the provision of dust control mats and managed garments

We have established an extensive network of service routes to reach out to all Thai customers. This enables customers to enjoy regular and reliable services regardless of size or distance from our services. In addition, our service is backed by a team of dedicated technicians who, rain or shine, will provide hands-on solutions for technical queries right at our customers’ doorsteps.

Alsco Thailand BrochureDownload the Alsco Thailand corporate brochure to find out more about our distribution capabilities, market leading technologies, environmental policies, invoicing, quality assurance and more.”

Book Your Alsco Plant Tour

Customers are welcome, and in fact encouraged, to book a tour of our general warehouse facilities and/or clean packing room. All pharmaceutical, food processing and cleanroom garments are processed through a clean packing room.

The below photos are from our Australian cleanroom facilities and are evidence of our commitment to providing high quality laundering services throughout Australasia.


Partnering with Local Businesses

Alsco are proud to be associated with local Thai businesses.

As a leader in the Workwear & PPE market, Alsico Group boasts a powerful industrial dynamics and global expertise in workwear/PPE and more!

As a joint venture company manufacturing top quality cleanroom garment in Thailand, Alsico combine the strength of: Saha Union PLC as manufacturer of top quality products, Alsico as Europe’s leading manufacturer of cleanroom garments and Micronclean as world market leader in cleanroom decontamination services.

Kleen-Tex provides creative solutions for cleaner, safer, more beautiful spaces and delivers an outstanding floormat product every step of the way.