What Protective Clothing Should Be Worn When Preparing Food?

Wearing protective clothing when working in the food industry is crucial. It can help protect staff from spills, burns and can also increase the overall presentation of the restaurant by making the environment look more professional and safe.

So what kind of uniforms are recommended for the different staff at a restaurant? And why is it necessary?

Chef and Kitchen Staff Uniforms 

Although in Thailand, there are no regulations for chef uniforms, wearing clothing to protect chef’s when cooking and preparing food could be a lifesaver!

With Alsco’s rental service, restaurants can outsource the hassle of purchasing, laundering, repairing and ironing their uniforms, while still ensuring their employees look elegant and professional at all times. There is no initial costly investment, with short lead times for additional uniforms. If required, we can tailor and customise these garments to suit your restaurants branding and even add different coloured trims for easy identification of staff roles.

Alsco provides a diverse and versatile array of chef uniforms which cater to every business’s needs:

  • Chef Garments: 
    • White Polycotton Long Sleeve Chef’s Jacket
    • White Polycotton Chef’s Jacket
    • Black Polycotton Long Sleeve Chef’s Jacket 
    • Black Polycotton Chef’s Jacket
  • Polycotton Skull Cap: Restrains messy hair through the flexible back elastic for adjustment
  • Black/White Check Polycotton Trouser: Elastic waist with a drawstring to provide sizing flexibility, coupled with concealed pockets in the side seams 

So what is the importance of wearing protective clothing for chefs?

  • Food Hygiene: Wearing a uniform can protect the food and kitchen environment from outside contaminants such as pet hair and dirt on the chef’s normal clothes as well as keeping chef’s hair contained within a cap.
  • Professionalism: Regardless of whether or not your customers see your kitchen staff, wearing a uniform conveys a sense of professionalism, as a uniform communicates rank and establishes order in the kitchen. 
  • Personal Comfort: Working in the kitchen environment can be very uncomfortable and limiting if you’re not wearing the right uniform, especially if it is a long shift. Wearing the right uniform, made from the right materials that allows airflow and is breathable can increase the chef’s overall satisfaction and ability to perform their role.

Food Processing Garments 

Uniforms are just as important for other staff, including those working in the food processing industry.  Whether your business is food manufacturing, processing or packaging, the cleanliness of your staff is your frontline against germs, contaminations and infections in both your workers and your products.

The initial cost of a personalised, branded and fitted uniform can be a large investment for a business. At Alsco, you can rent your food processing uniforms directly, where we wash, repair and provide fresh and crisp uniforms delivered to you on an agreed schedule.

Here are some of the garments that every food processing business should have: 

  • White Polycotton Food Dustcoat: Knee length style, suitable for the food industry with a concealed stainless steel dome front
  • White Polycotton Long Sleeve Zip Overall: Full length overalls, with pockets and anti-rust zips.
  • White Polycotton Food Trousers: Breathable cotton pants, with drawstring bins.


When it comes to protective clothing for food preparation, aprons are the most essential item for every food processing worker or member of your kitchen staff. A simple apron can improve hygiene levels in the workplace and establish a more professional tone for service. 

Aprons can protect staff’s normal garments from food splatters, stains and burns, acting as the ultimate form of protection. They also act as a fantastic barrier against dangerous substances used in the kitchen environment, such as chemicals, hot grease and oils. 

Alsco offers various kinds of aprons for different business needs and kitchen staff roles.

  • White Polycotton Bib Apron
  • Black Polycotton Bib Apron
  • Blue Stripe Butcher Bib Apron
  • Reversible Denim Full Apron

Want to ensure that all your employees are sufficiently protected from kitchen accidents? Alsco’s Managed Uniform Rental Services have got you covered with amazing food preparation garments to improve the safety and welfare of all your workers! 

Our services use a sophisticated barcode system which tracks every delivery in the most efficient way, ensuring that all your food garments and equipment are regularly and thoroughly washed, and always on time.  With the Managed Garment system, Alsco is able to provide customised services for your business and easily keep track of which uniforms need to be washed or replaced. 

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