The Benefits Of Corporate Uniforms

Today, most business owners like the idea of introducing corporate uniforms. Uniform clothing can be very appealing and it’s not hard to see why. In case you are still not convinced, here are a couple of benefits of corporate uniforms to help you change your mind.

Why You Should Introduce Uniforms

When somebody mentions workers in uniforms, most people think about doctors, nurses, or waiters. True, the service industry does use uniforms a lot, but there are many other fields that are just beginning to see the benefits of uniforms in regard to their business.

According to a report that was published in 2010 by Frost & Sullivan, some companies in the UK spend more than half a billion euros on buying uniforms for their employees. This fact means that the UK is one of the countries that invest in corporate uniforms the most. But it’s not the only country that appreciates uniforms.

In Western Europe, some countries spend up to 3.2 billion euros on uniforms. More importantly, this industry’s worth seems to be growing by an estimated 3.3% every year.

Uniforms Can Be In Any Color

There are many practical benefits of uniforms, which are mostly appreciated by bigger businesses with more departments.

Uniforms can create the feeling of belonging to a certain group, which is why they can increase the amount of teamwork in the workplace that uses them. There can be different (but not too different) uniforms for different departments, and they would still make the employees feel like they are all a part of one group that works for the same company.

For example, a garden centre can design one type of uniforms and then use different shades of the same colour for different departments. Those in charge of one department could wear darker shades and those in charge of another could wear lighter.

Is DIY Still A Thing?

Many business owners wonder whether DIY work clothes policy is a good idea or not. It is true that corporate uniforms can benefit companies that rely on teamwork and public service, but when the focus is on an individual, then choosing the DIY option might be better – although there should still be a dress code.

For instance, if you work as a magazine publisher, you probably won’t ask your journalist to wear a uniform when interviewing and doing their research, and somebody who works for a law firm probably does wear some kind of a suit but still not with their firm’s logo on it.

In business sectors that are highly competitive, it is essential to project a professional image to your target audience. However, honesty and hygiene are just as important when it comes to work standards.The right kind of uniform can help build confidence, which can improve the company’s professional image.

The professional image can tell a lot about a person you’re working with, just like a firm handshake does. It can show what they are all about.

A Clean Uniform Is A Sign Of Professionalism

If you consider yourself to be a professional leading a serious business, your consumers will naturally have high standards when it comes to your service. So, it might be useful to know that research has shown that a novice wearing a corporate uniform is more trusted than a professional wearing casual work clothes.

For instance, if somebody needs to call an electrician to fix their plasma tv, they are more likely to call the company whose employees wear neat uniforms than a company whose employees work in jeans and a T-shirt.

Like always, the first impression matters the most, so you should try to present yourself in a way that will make your first impression positive and long-lasting.

Research has shown that employee uniforms add to the feeling of professionalism, and they also show what the company does and how much it cares about its public image. Moreover, uniformed, logo work clothes create a “front-of-mind consciousness” in the consumers, which makes them trust the company more.

A Bit More Info

There are other benefits of using a corporate uniform. For example, studies have shown that uniforms can increase the concentration of workers, which can make them more productive, creative, resourceful and generally more motivated to do well at work.

Research published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology has also shown that the performance at work can be influenced by the work clothes of the employees, even to the extent that their behaviour and attitude can change.

According to the research, wearing a lab coat can make the person wearing it pay more attention to details, which is extremely important in certain fields of work.

However, the research has also revealed that uniforms should match the job – a painter who wears a lab coat probably won’t feel any improvements in terms of productivity and quality of their work.

So, it is just as important for a worker to feel comfortable in their work clothes as it is for companies to include their logo in the design.

Can Alsco Help?

Research proves that the uniforms which are professionally designed and cleaned can help employees with their self-image, as well as boost their performance in the workplace.

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